Redtail Ridge, a Louisville Colorado development from Brue Baukol

Going Above and Beyond

Total public land dedication (open space, parks, trails) 38 155 acres
% of land as public land dedication 12% 43%
Market value of donated land (2022 dollars) N/A $53.6 million
Hospital allowed? No Yes
Usage Commercial and industrial Life science, office, and industrial
Commercial/industrial square feet 2.6M SF 2.6M SF
Improvements to Northwest Parkway and 96th Street N/A $16 million
New trails, bike paths, walking paths N/A 19+ miles

Why Redevelop This Land?

For more than two generations, our community has never had the chance to access or enjoy the 390-acre site of land now known as Redtail Ridge. Originally owned and operated by StorageTek, this industrial park was sold to ConocoPhillips in 2008, which demolished the existing infrastructure in order to build a new and approved global training center that was ultimately never built.

To this day, the land has remained gated and off-limits. There is no permanent Open Space on the site, and there is no public access. And the City of Louisville, Boulder County, and Boulder Valley School District (among others) are deprived of millions of dollars of property tax revenues as a result.  

The Redtail Ridge development plan both meets the standards codified in the 2010 General Development Plan (GDP) that was approved when Conoco-Philips owned the land, and exceeds current standards in sustainability, energy efficiency, public land dedications, and healthy workplace conditions, among others.