Overview of the Project

93 Acres

Permanent new Open Space, habitat preserves, and publicly accessible trails

Campus Drive Extension

Improved access and engineering treatments connecting Monarch K-12 and 96th

3 Megawatt

Rooftop solar and solar-covered parking lots can make this Boulder County’s largest solar farm

Green Buildings

Buildings will meet LEED certification standards

Improved Biodiversity

Planting 250+ trees and native and drought-resistant plant palettes, removing noxious weeds, and preserving habitats for migratory and keystone species

Mobility Solutions

Reducing single-vehicle traffic and carbon emissions with shuttles providing first- and last-mile transit to RTD, protected bike lanes, micromobility hub

$25+ Million Annual New Tax Revenue

Property tax revenue at full build-out will fund our schools, fire department, water resources, and local government.

Community Benefits

a view of redtail ridge


$25+ Million Annual Tax Revenue

The current annual property tax revenue for this site is less than $15,000. The Redtail Ridge development plan would generate a substantial increase in property tax revenue.


15.6 Acres

Dedicated for new recreation facilities, including soccer, ballfields, and tennis & pickleball.

$20.2 Million

Value of land to be donated to Louisville for new Open Space and conservation easements.


$99 Million

Infrastructure investments, including $30+ million for road and off-site improvements.

Campus Drive Extension

Building out urgently-needed access road from Monarch K-12 to 96th.

Safer Paths and Intersections

Safer roadways and intersections for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.


First- and Last-Mile Solutions

Shuttle buses to and from RTD station will promote mass transit use and reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) traffic.

Shared Mobility Hub

Plentiful bike-share, e-bikes, e-scooters, ride hail, and shuttle transportation.

Vision Zero

Promote safety and accessibility for all users, and discourage car traffic.


Innovative Habitat Protection

Reintroduction of native and drought-tolerant plants, noxious weed removal, and keystone species protection to ensure thriving habitat.


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