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Impacts - The Costs of Inaction

Instead of just $10,000 in annual tax revenue, Redtail can generate: 

  • $43 million in local fees and taxes to City of Louisville through full build-out.
  • PLUS: $24.4 million annually in commercial property tax revenue to Boulder County, BVSD, Fire District, City of Louisville, and others.
  • Hundreds of new customers for Downtown, on the McCaslin Corridor, and South Boulder Road.
  • High-paying jobs to boost economic revitalization.

Offsite Improvements

  • Five traffic studies in four years: Redtail is one of the most heavily studied sites in the Front Range.
  • Every traffic study shows multiple sections destined for increased delays and unacceptable Levels of Service (LOS) without improvements.
  • Projected regional growth is expected to place additional stress on roadway network — even without Redtail.
  • Sterling Bay announces $9 million in additional Northwest Parkway  improvements. 
  • $25 million total in offsite improvements create better and safer corridors that benefit the entire community.