For the first time in 20 years...

Families, pets, and their guardians will have public access to nearly 93 acres of new Open Space, view corridors, and trails.

74 Acres + 40 Acres

Redtail Ridge will donate 74 acres to Louisville for permanent Open Space, plus a 40-acre conservation easement.

30% Open Space and Parks

Nearly one-third of the ConocoPhillips land will be dedicated to new Open Space, trails, recreation fields, and permanent habitat for keystone species.

New Recreation Facilities

Redtail Ridge would also include 15.6 acres of land that could be utilized for soccer, ball fields, and tennis center.

Preserving the Best Views

Utilizes best practices in natural setbacks, buffers, and protected areas to keep the best views  open for everyone. 

Innovative Habitat Protection

Reintroduction of native and drought-tolerant plants, noxious weed removal, and keystone species protection to ensure thriving habitat.


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