Priority Extension of Campus Drive

For years, parents and teachers have complained about the limited access on Campus Drive. Between traffic generating from the hospital and our Monarch schools, peak traffic time can be 30 minutes or more. The danger of having single access point was underscored during the devastating Marshall Fire, and extending Campus Drive has new urgency. 

That’s why Redtail Ridge will invest more than $99 million in public infrastructure improvements. At the very top of our list is making Campus Drive more accessible by building the road to 96th. And, since most traffic accidents in the area occur at the intersection of Campus and 88th, we’re investing in engineering and infrastructure improvements too.

The Board of Education approved the Redtail Ridge plan’s concept for Campus Drive’s extension. View the Board of Education’s resolution.

Enhanced Mobility and Transit Solutions

When compared with the approved ConocoPhillips development plan, the Redtail Ridge development plan would prioritize reducing transportation-related CO2 emissions (the single-largest source of carbons emissions in Colorado) and transportation-related air pollution. Developed in strict compliance with the Louisville Comprehensive Plan and the City’s Transportation Master Plan, the proposed components of the Redtail Ridge plan provide more mass- and micro-mobility solutions than any other development in Louisville.

First- and Last-Mile Solutions

Shuttle buses to and from RTD station will promote mass transit use and reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) traffic

$30 Million for Safer Lanes and Multi-use Paths

If approved, development would fund more than $30 million in multi-modal infrastructure

Shared Mobility Hub

Plentiful bike-share, e-bikes, e-scooters, ride hail, and shuttle transportation

Vision Zero

Promote safety and accessibility for all users, and discourage car traffic by offering safer infrastructure


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