Redtail Ridge, a Louisville Colorado development from Brue Baukol

Safer Access

Improved safety and access – both within the site and surrounding it – are fundamental priorities for Redtail Ridge and the Louisville community. The development will fully fund and pay for more than $20 million in roadway, path, and intersection improvements. 

Inside the Site

  • Campus Drive: Extending Campus Drive to 96th Street remains the third highest priority in Louisville’s Comprehensive Plan, although it is an unfunded mandate. Redtail Ridge will finally complete this long-overdue extension and create a much needed-second access point for Monarch PK-12 schools. 
  • 19+ Miles: More than 19 miles of new trails, dedicated bike lanes, and walking routes can become the new hub in the Regional Trail Network connecting to the US 36 Bikeway, regional hard and soft trails, and future Light Rail. 

Outside the Site

  • Northwest Parkway & 96th Street: Development will fund more than $16 million in new roads, turn and deceleration lanes, and safer intersections.
  • Critical Infrastructure Improvements: Without Redtail, several major intersections and roadways will not be able to safely or efficiently accommodate other planned and anticipated growth throughout the region.
  • Design: Redtail’s design moves traffic from neighborhood streets onto major corridors, and will reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips by nearly 12% through major investments in multi-modal transit options, EcoPasses, and more.
  • Faster Access to Avista: Redtail’s innovative design creates multiple access points for Avista next to major transit corridors, for faster and easier access.