Why Redevelop the ConocoPhillips Land?

Closed to the public for two generations.

For more than two generations, our community has never had the chance to access or enjoy the 390-acre site of land now known as Redtail Ridge. Originally owned and operated by StorageTek, this industrial park was sold to ConocoPhillips in 2008, which demolished the existing infrastructure in order to build a new global training center that was ultimately never built.

To this day, the land has remained gated and off-limits. There is no permanent Open Space on the site, and there is no public access. And because most of the industrial structures and buildings have been decommissioned or torn down, the current area pays less than $15,000 in property taxes each year.

And that’s exactly why Redtail Ridge was approved by Louisville’s City Council: it’s a better version of development. The Redtail Ridge development plan would demonstrate Louisville’s climate commitments by requiring the largest amount of solar power generated anywhere in Boulder County. 30% of land will be set aside for permanent Open Space and parks, and nearly $100 million in public infrastructure improvements, including the urgently-needed extension of Campus Drive.


(Re)Introducing Redtail Ridge

As part of its formal approval of the Redtail Ridge development plan at its September 2021 meeting, the City successfully negotiated for an additional 13 requirements to create the greenest commercial business park in Colorado. Thanks to these strengthened requirements, Redtail Ridge now has the potential to be the most environmentally sustainable project in Boulder County and become the “only one of its kind in the state of Colorado.”

As a result of City Council’s leadership, Redtail Ridge can become home to the the largest solar farm in Boulder County, collecting more than 3 megawatts of renewable energy. With an estimated $25 million in annual property tax revenue at full build-out — more than half of all property tax revenue would benefit the Boulder Valley School District and the Louisville Fire Department — Redtail Ridge can also help generate the tax revenue that will help our community rebuild. 

Redtail Ridge Development Plan vs. Approved ConocoPhillips Development Plan

Redtail Ridge offers a more sustainable vision of redeveloping this land — especially when compared to the approved ConocoPhillips development plan, which was approved more than 12 years ago. None of the limitations or requirements that were successfully negotiated on the Redtail Ridge development plan — like creating public access, setting aside 30% for Open Space and parks — would likely apply to the ConocoPhillips development plan.  

Acres of New, Permanent Open Space, Public Parks, Trails
Max Commercial Development Allowed
3.0M SF
2.56M SF
Requires 3+ megawatts of solar energy generated on-site
Vision Zero Design for All Users
Requires LEED certification or better
Zoned for hospital use
New Annual Property Tax Revenue Generated
Acreage for new Recreation Facilities
Permanent conservation easement for keystone species
40 Acres
20 Acres
First- and Last-Mile solutions to promote mass transit
Habitat restoration and enhancement
New car trip generation at full buildout, AM Peak
New car trip generation at full buildout, PM Peak


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